Unique Company Trip Sầm Sơn 2020: “Kết sức mạnh, nối thành công”
22 tháng 06, 2020

Unique Company Trip Sam Son 2020: “Connect our energy to reach the success”

When June comes, it brought the atmosphere of summer and the time for faraway trip with lots of excitement. On the Sam Son beach with  sunshine and wind, Unique has spent 4 days and 3 nights together to experience wonderful moments here. Company Trip is the most expected long-distance trip of every members in Unique...

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ra mắt sách quảng cáo ngoài trời
10 tháng 02, 2020

Unique published the first “Outdoor Advertising” book in Vietnam

With the desire to share the knowledge and experience gained during our years in the field, Unique Integrated Outdoor Advertising has just published the first “Outdoor Advertising” book in Vietnam. Outdoor advertising (Out-of-home Advertising) is an “old” but not “out-of-date” media channel, and in Vietnam, outdoor advertising is still in a period of strong development,...

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Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long
22 tháng 05, 2019

Unique Company Trip 2019 – Vinpearl Ha Long: “Thriving aspiration”

Summer came and schedule was set. It is when brilliant yellow sunshine and tingling noise spreads all ways, and Unique, again, was preparing for a trip to explore new horizons together. If the summer of 2017 is the time for Da Nang city with a vibrant living style, and 2018 is the time for Nha...

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khóa học out of home quảng cáo ngoài trời
04 tháng 05, 2019

Unique Launch a course about “Out-of-Home: Outdoor Advertising”

Outdoor advertising (Out-of-home Advertising) is a media channel that is “old” but not outdated, and in Vietnam, outdoor advertising is still in a period of strong development, and a rising demand in Outdoor Advertising for brands. In order to implement an effective outdoor advertising campaign, the marketers themselves must understand the basic knowledge of OOH,...

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Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”
06 tháng 02, 2019

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Back to the Origin”

On the evening of January 12nd 2020, at Star Galaxy, Unique Group held the Thanks Party New Year with the theme “Back to the Origin”. The presence of all Unique Group employees from the North, South and the loved ones in the family had brought a warm, intimate and extremely memorable evening. As usual, when...

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Unique Year End Party 2018
17 tháng 01, 2019

Unique Year End Party 2018: “Strongly thrive further”

Spring comes, winter fades, the joyful atmosphere was also here in Unique to welcome the new year 2019. Unique Marketing and Communication Joint Stock Company has held a party called “Unique Year End Party 2018″ with the slogan “Strongly thrive together”. This is an opportunity for all unique members from the North and the South...

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18 tháng 05, 2018

Unique Company Trip Nha Trang 2018 – Our fantastic moments together!

Unique Family’s 4-day journey in Nha Trang city has just closed along with so much joy and happiness in every Uniquer. The slogan “Running Together, Winning Together” was strongly believed by Unique. This means every journey that we have together will create a great power to conquer any obstacle in our path including work and...

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