Unique Integrated Outdoor Advertising services consist of strategic consulting, implementing detailed plan that is suitable for the company’s services, supporting maquette design, providing demo, printing, constructing and ensuring the warranty throughout the campaign.

With our elite and amicable staff, along with creative advertising ideas, we are confident that the advertising campaign will be implemented in a quick and effective way!

Unique Outdoor Advertising quotes with lots of attractive discounts, and suitable advertising budget that is consistent with the business.

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pano quảng cáo

Advertising on pano walling

We will advertise your brand on the large system of wall boards that will appear at the busiest intersections in the city.

Advertising on billboard pillar

Advertising on billboard pillar
Advertising your campaign by the system of a pillar on the highway, the main traffic axes…

dịch vụ quảng cáo biển billboard ngoài trời
quảng cáo cầu vượt đi bộ

Advertising on pedestrian overpass

We will advertise on large billboards lie “across” on the street, straight to the eyes and view of the pedestrians that makes them unable to look away, and able to be impressed and remember the message.

Advertising billboard market

Advertising channels at traditional markets reach potential customers directly, impressively and effectively.

quảng cáo tại chợ
quảng cáo trên xe buýt

Advertising on buses

Branding appears all the way through buses – the most popular means of public transportation nowadays.

Advertising on taxis

The form of advertising is like Pano forma that moves all the way to the streets, reaching hundreds of thousands of customers everyday.

quảng cáo trên xe taxi
quảng cáo trên xe ô tô

Advertising on cars

That form has double advertising area, what also is a double communication efficiency!

Advertising on trains

Advertising on trains will go all the way to the North and South, spreading the image and message of the brand to millions of Vietnamese consumers.

quảng cáo trên tàu hỏa
quảng cáo trên máy bay

Advertising on Airplanes

Advertising on the plane is extremely luxurious, which can also bring the brand to reach globally!

Advertising on the Bus Shelters

Low-level reach advertising, approaching potential customers at close range.

quảng cáo nhà chờ xe buýt
quảng cáo tro banner phướn băng rôn

Advertising by hanged banners

With low-cost advertising, and able to deploy in large numbers, this form of advertising can be hanged on crowded roads, close to the eyes of the road users

Lightbox Advertising

Advertised by light box sign boards on the median strips, waving signs, airport signage…

quảng cáo biển hộp đèn
quảng cáo màn hình Led ngoài trời

Ooutdoor Led Screen

Outdoor Led screens will be placed at the busiest intersections to attract attention.

Indoor Led Screen

Advertising Led screens will be placed at homes, supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, bus stations, etc to bring the high communication impact and attract all eyes in.

quảng cáo màn hình Led trong nhà
quảng cáo Led Building

Led Building

Led building advertising in tall buildings has the advantage to be placed at favorite locations, beautiful views to bring the class, luxury, assert brand position..

Lcd, Frame screen

Lcd and Frame ads will be placed on buildings and public places to focus on many target customers.

quảng cáo màn hình Lcd
quảng cáo roadshow đoàn người


Forms of this roadshow advertising will be done by some transportation such as walking, cars, motorcycles … with creative ideas, attracting great attention.

Human Billboard

We will innovative advertising form, which attracts strong attention of pedestrians in busy traffic areas.

quảng cáo Human Billboard
quảng cáo Luxury Roadshow

Luxury Roadshow

The form of ads will run a 45-seat automobile roadshow that is sealed with the whole body and runs in groups of 2-3 cars on crowded streets.

Event, Booth activation

We will support you implement programs to launch new products or services, events to celebrate special occasions…

dịch vụ tổ chức event booth activation
quảng cáo tại bến xe

Advertising at the Bus Station

Advertising at bus stations – an area with an extremely large number of potential customers appearing every day, helping the brand spread strongly.

Advertising at the Airport

Luxurious, high-class advertising channel that can approach a segment of high-income customers, suitable for high-class products and services.

quảng cáo tại sân bay
quảng cáo tại trường học

Advertising at Schools

The advertising channel at the school that reaches customers and students effectively.

Advertising at the Cinema

This will bring experience to “enjoy advertising” in an attractive and lively way, which can increasing the level of brand awareness to consumers, especially young customers.

quảng cáo tại rạp chiếu phim
quảng cáo tại trung tâm thương mại

Advertising at Shopping Mall

Advertising at a Shopping Mall with a variety of vivid and creative forms that will bring the brand to reach potential customers effectively.

Advertising at Supermarkets

These forms of advertising at supermarkets include Lcd Frame, escalator, drop sea, shopping cart, welcome gate, magnetic gate…

quảng cáo tại siêu thị
quảng cáo tại sân tập golf

Advertising on the Golf Driving Range

High-class advertising that can access to high-end customers segment with high income.

Advertising at Fitness Center

We will deploy advertising channel at the gym and fitness centers to spread the brand message and reach the target customers.

quảng cáo tại trung tâm fitness
quảng cáo tại bệnh viện

Advertising at Hospital

Advertising forms included in hospitals such as billboards, Led screens, Lcd, Frame… which will be relevant for pharmaceuticals and healthcare centers…

Advertising at Gas stations

This advertising channel will reach a wide range of customers at close, direct and impressive distance

quảng cáo tại trạm đổ xăng