Unique Company Trip 2019 – Vinpearl Ha Long: “Thriving aspiration”

Summer came and schedule was set. It is when brilliant yellow sunshine and tingling noise spreads all ways, and Unique, again, was preparing for a trip to explore new horizons together.

If the summer of 2017 is the time for Da Nang city with a vibrant living style, and 2018 is the time for Nha Trang city with wonderful blue sandy beach, then the destination of this 2019 year would be Quang Ninh – the land of Ha Long Bay which is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world.

Company Trip this year aims to experience and relax with 5-star services, so the Board of directors has chosen Vinpearl Ha Long Resort & Spa as the destination.

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Unique – a place where young, dynamic, enthusiastic people gathered at both work and life

Within three days, which are May 10th, 11st and 12nd, Unique Family spent a memorable summer trip, so let’s review memories of this wonderful trip with us!

The journey from Hanoi to Ha Long  

In the morning of May 10th, Unique started to depart at Pullman Hotel after nearly 3 hours in the car. Then, we were Bai Chay in  Ha Long to  enjoy a delicious lunch at a restaurant here.

Fortunately, the weather was very pleasant with only light sunshine, which was very suitable for outdoor activities.

After the lunch, Unique has moved to Vinpearl Ha Long Resort & Spa to check in. 

As what we expected of a high-class 5-star resort, Vinpearl Ha Long didn’t let us down. It locates on Reu Island, with a very favorable position when the four sides all face the sea. Consequently, the view from the room overlooking to the outside is very beautiful and romantic. The entire design of this resort was so royal, sophisticated and elegant but also luxurious as well.

All Unique members are fascinated with the wonderful beauty of this Vinpearl Ha Long.

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

A Stunning room here in Vinpearl Halong

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

A fascinating view from the room to the sea

Burn ourselves with Team Building activities

As the sunny weather calmed down, Unique moved to the beach to join the fascinating Team Building activities.

We started to warm up with a game: “Your Majesty,” which required people to be very quick to follow the instructions of the leader of the game. If you did something wrong, you will suffer a punishment.

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Start the game with excitement

We have quickly divided into 3 teams to play the game. Just by the time of last year, at the same time that Company Trip Nha Trang 2018 took place, the staffs were split into 2 teams, but now the number has increased to 3, which proved that the Unique member have strongly grown in the past year.

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Team with yellow ribbon chose the name “Xế vụ” with the slogan “Đả đảo, đả đảo” 

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Team with red ribbon started with the name called “Tiny Team” with slogan “Nhỏ mà có võ”

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Team with green ribbon chose the name: “Unique – Mạnh mẽ vươn xa”

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

We all enjoyed the game

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

We had a very dynamic and energetic committee group

Gala Dinner – a whole day spent together

On the evening of the first day, Unique Family had a cozy Gala Dinner together.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Linh, CEO of Unique stated that “Company Trip is the time when Unique people get together with their aspirations of youth, desire to reach out and be better every day.

Today, at Vinpearl Ha Long, we have Uniquers from both the North and the South, also the participation of the employees’ relatives. If we compare to one year ago, Unique has grown a lot more in terms of both personnel size and provided service to the customers.

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Mr. Pham Ngoc Linh while giving a speech CEO at the Gala Dinner party

Unique is an agency that has the ability to implement outdoor advertising in 63 provinces and cities nationwide, so it is necessary for us to discovery more, not only domestically but also internationally. Hence, why don’t we dream big to reach to Korea, Japan, France, and the United States together someday?

Unique wants you to have the opportunity to experience 5-star service, which is a great motivation for us to make more efforts to improve the quality of Unique’s service and to grow stronger and stronger everyday.”

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

The Board of directors of the company raised a toast together

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

What is a really beautiful photo together!

Explore the beautiful Ha Long Bay and burn ourselves at Sun World Ha Long

The second day of the trip was the time for free activities, including the Halong Bay Discovery Tour to see the famous scenic spots here; enjoy the extreme funny service at Sun World Ha Long or premium services at Vinpearl Resort & Spa.

The Dragon Park of Sun World Ha Long is the most popular destination for young people. We had great relaxing moments while experiencing the fascinating games here.

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

We experienced activities Sun World in a bright sunny day

It is pretty coincidental when Unique’s trip is the time for the opening of FastSky service that enables people to discover Ha Long Bay by helicopter. FastGo is Unique’s close partner via some projects in outdoor advertising campaigns.

Some members of Unique were  lucky to be one of the first customers to use this flight service to see Ha Long Bay with the most wonderful view.Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Mr Linh’s family experienced the very first flight of FastSky

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Ha Long Bay was so beautiful from the helicopter

Experience great services at Vinpearl Resort 

This purpose this trip was for relaxing and having a lot of great experiences so that everyone can rest and relax after a hard time working. 

We enjoyed the delicious buffet breakfast – lunch – dinner of Vinpearl Ha Long with a variety of special dishes from many regions and full range from appetizers, main dishes, to desserts, and drinks as well…

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

A delicate and luxurious breakfast

We spent time to relax in the indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, spa and fitness area…

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

We were here at the pool in Vinpearl

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Took a lot of photos to save the most beautiful moments

Say Goodbye to Ha Long, Unique get back to Hanoi

The trip has ended on the afternoon of October 12, 2019, when we had to say goodbye  Ha Long, and get back to work and our daily life in Hanoi. After every trip together, we become more and more excited and energetic, which means Unique will have to strive more to bring more practical value to customers and achieve even greater achievements in the future.


Annual trip is the most wanted trip for all Uniquer, this is a valuable gift that the Board of Directors gives to the whole team after a hard working time with our efforts. This is also  the true spirit of Mr. Pham Ngoc Linh – CEO of Unique: “Unique people must be those who “work hard, play hard”. We have done our best, so we also have to play hard.”

Life is a journey, and through each journey, we not only gain new experiences, but also discover ourselves and the people around us, understand each other better and more united.

Unique Company Trip 2019 Vinpearl Hạ Long

Unique aspirations of the thriving and reaching further

Company Trip is an opportunity for all members of the Unique family to rest, renew ourselves and burn ourselves in the team games to have beautiful memories, full of love, and experiences that we will never forget.

Thank the company leadership for this meaningful gift, and all the members of the Unique family for making a memorable vacation together. Wishing the members of Unique to always have wonderful health, increasingly close to each other and firmly thrive and make Unique reach even further.

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