Unique Company Trip Nha Trang 2018 – Our fantastic moments together!

Unique Family’s 4-day journey in Nha Trang city has just closed along with so much joy and happiness in every Uniquer. The slogan “Running Together, Winning Together” was strongly believed by Unique. This means every journey that we have together will create a great power to conquer any obstacle in our path including work and daily life. 

The Company Trip was conceived and prepared for a long time until it actually took place on May 11st 2018. After the final meeting in 2017, Unique’s Board of Directors chose Nha Trang with the deep blue sea, white sand and sunshine as a destination for our 4-day-3-night tour. Air tickets had also been booked since February 26, which is also the moment that all employers started to prepare for the trip.

Trailer Unique Company Trip 2018

A member of the organizing committee- Khanh Linh (the leader), Quang Huy and Ngoc Nguyen have planned to prepare for the trip very thoughtfully, from logistics to ways of communication to all members of Unique.

The organizing committee – 3 dynamic, energetic members have brought a wonderful trip to Unique members

# Day 1, the journey from Hanoi to Nha Trang

In the morning of May 11st, all member were all available at the airport to check in with the luggage in their hands and excitement that surged. The flight was set to depart at 11:25 am, and it landed at Cam Ranh airport at 13:15 pm. After that, the whole group was on the car to move to the Queen 7 Hotel located at 19 Tue Tinh – Loc Tho – Nha Trang.

The whole team was Checking in at Noi Bai International Airport

We have safely landed at Cam Ranh at 13:15 pm

The view captured while we were on the way to the hotel

We had a great lunch together as all people were tired

Let’s go to the beach!

We had a game to warm up by holding our hands then played.

There were two teams with very cool names:

Team 3C with the slogan: “Chuẩn Cứng Chắc”

Team Number One with the slogan “San bằng tất cả”

Funny team building games

The team building game had happened with all Unique members’ joys and laughs at Nha Trang beach. When Teambuilding game was over, all of us rushed and dived in the fresh and cool sea.

At 10 am, the whole group finished our dinner together, then strolled the night market to see so many interesting items.

We walked around Nha Trang night market and saw so many cool items

# Day 2, Tour 4 – Straight to the island!

Starting for the second day, everyone got up early to view the sunrise at the beach. The sea at dawn was so marvelous with extremely cool breeze. The scene of the sun slowly rising from the horizon had impressed us so much. Waking up in the early morning in somewhere faraway is more wonderful and relaxing than anything.

We watched the red sun rising

A really artistic photo, right?

At 9 am, all members boarded the ship to move to the island. 

We were so amazed by the deep blue color of the sea

The first destination is Hon Mun island. Members who know how to swim chose Scuba diving to see the coral. The rest chose to participate in interesting games such as surfing parachute, water jet, glass bottom boat.

At 12 pm, the next stop is Hon Mot, which is a fishing village with lots of fresh seafood. Unique members enjoyed the lunch right on the wooden ship, with some typical dishes of Nha Trang such as the sour soup, or fish ball,…

# Day 3, Challenges at Vinpearl Land

The third day is the brightest sunny day. The two groups moved to Vinpearl Island by canoe to start the journey to discover the games here.

We were on our way to the beach!

The most favorite game here were adventurous one, such as roller coaster, Ferris wheel, Music wheel, Pirate boat… to challenge our strength and overcome the fear.

We have landed to the Vinpearl Land island!

Let’s take a group picture to save this moment!

We were waiting on a queue to play a game!

Vinpearl Land was so beautiful in the night 

# Last day, Shopping and preparing to leave 

In the last day at Nha Trang beach, some members got up early to catch the dawn, some after that went to Dam market to buy souvenirs and seafood as a gift to bring back to Hanoi

At 10:30 am, the whole team had lunch and arranged luggages to get into the car to the airport.

The flight took off at 15:30 to leave Nha Trang, and officially end ourwonderful Company Trip at 17:00 pm in Hanoi.


Company Trip is definitely one of the most meaningful and important events of the Unique Outdoor Agency of the year as it is an opportunity for all members of the company to spend time and moments like eating, sleeping, having fun, and experiencing together.  This make people understand each other, and strengthen our solidarity and collective power.

Through this “Company trip” trip, every member will get more motivation and determination for the goal to devote and make Unique a thriving and sustainable group.

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