Unique Launch a course about “Out-of-Home: Outdoor Advertising”

Outdoor advertising (Out-of-home Advertising) is a media channel that is “old” but not outdated, and in Vietnam, outdoor advertising is still in a period of strong development, and a rising demand in Outdoor Advertising for brands. In order to implement an effective outdoor advertising campaign, the marketers themselves must understand the basic knowledge of OOH, advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to implement strategies in this channel…

With the desire to bring the most general and in-depth knowledge about outdoor advertising, Unique Outdoor Advertising has cooperated with BrandsVietnam to launch the “Out-of-Home: Outdoor advertising” course, this is the first course and the only one in Vietnam so far that is specialized in teaching OOH.

Trailer that introduces the “Out-of-Home: Outdoor Advertising” course

1. The development of outdoor advertising in Vietnam

When technology began to thrive, especially the rise of digital platforms, many people thought outdoor advertising would hardly stand in the middle of this 4.0 period. People feel OOH is no longer needed when digital channels now can help brands quickly reach customers, easily in grouping the target audience and specific measurements.

Meanwhile, outdoor advertising now had no way but conveying a very simple message, widely accessible to the masses. It can be so difficult for OOH to group target audiences, own a very limited measurement, and constantly monitor and maintain the status of outdoor advertising product under the impact of the outer environment … With such “critical” disadvantages, will OOH be obsolete?

But the truth is that OOH is the only traditional channel that has maintained a steady growth of 4.1% over the past 9 years, and it is expected to continue to increase until 2023 (as reported by Magna & Rapport). Global brands still spend a great amount of money on overall campaigns that include offline and online channels, rather than encapsulating in a certain advertising channel.

In Vietnam, there are still many factors that make OOH an attractive communication channel to consider as we have densely population, fast urbanization rate, so many vehicles per day, frequent  traffic congestion, which can be a “luck” for OOH. 

khóa học out of home quảng cáo ngoài trời

Vietnam has many ideal conditions for developing outdoor advertising

As you can see, with the close relationship between the media channels, OOH still plays an important role, it is not an independently implemented channel, but it can be combined with digital channel to create unique integrated communication campaigns.

Every communication channel has its own pros and cons, speaking to OOH, in order to “overcome the difficulties” and use it effectively, you need to understand correctly and fully about this channel, as well as the principles, facts while implementing, eg:

– Given short exposure time? So the message needs to be short, concise, and visually pleasing.

– Find it difficult to group customers to reach? If there are thorough studies, you can still choose the appropriate OOH form, in the “prime location” to reach the target audience.

– Does the measurement work? Though it is not 100% accurate, you can still estimate the effectiveness using indirect tools: using hashtags, hotline numbers, separate vouchers; or apply technology to measure.

2. The content in “Out-of-Home: Outdoor advertising” course 

The “Out-of-Home: Outdoor Advertising” course will provide you with all the knowledge about outdoor advertising, also the answers for basic and even advanced questions including outdoor advertising forms, execution process, how to make ads more attractive, OOH digitalization trends, and many more.

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Content of this course consists of 6 parts including  overview and advanced content of OOH

Content of the course consists of 6 parts:

Part 1: Outdoor advertising overview: This will provide you a comprehensive definition of OOH, OOH development history and the potential of this channel in Vietnam.

Part 2: Features of outdoor advertising: This will help you understand the nature, advantages & disadvantages of OOH will help you know what to do, what to avoid while doing it.

Part 3: Types of outdoor advertising: Identifying & distinguishing OOH types will help you choose the right form for your campaign.

Part 4: Outdoor advertising implementation process: This will give you an overview of the deployment process, from the idea to the billboard completion, installation, maintenance …

Part 5: Guidance for implementing outdoor advertising: This part includes the criteria for evaluation and implementation notes.

Part 6: Outdoor advertising trends in Vietnam: This will give you knowledge about changes and development of OOH channels that can help you have bold ideas for your campaign.

khóa học out of home quảng cáo ngoài trời

Through the course, you will understand all the forms of outdoor advertising available in Vietnam

3. Mr. Pham Ngoc Linh – the main lecturer of the course.

Out-of-Home Course: Outdoor advertising shared by Pham Ngoc Linh, who is currently the Chairman and CEO of Unique Outdoor Advertising. Mr. Linh has 11 years of experience in Marketing and Communication, who has brought Unique to thrive with overall outdoor advertising projects for our typical partners such as VinGroup, Honda, Panasonic, Bao Viet, Techcombank, Novaland…

khóa học out of home quảng cáo ngoài trời

Mr. Pham Ngoc Linh with over 11 years of experience in consulting and implementing outdoor advertising

During the course of study, in case you have any questions about outdoor advertising, feel free to contact Mr. Pham Ngoc Linh for advice and answers.

Study online anytime, anywhere at: https://brvn.net/out-of-home

Connect to Mr. Pham Ngoc Linh: facebook.com/Linhquangcao

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