Unique published the first “Outdoor Advertising” book in Vietnam

With the desire to share the knowledge and experience gained during our years in the field, Unique Integrated Outdoor Advertising has just published the first “Outdoor Advertising” book in Vietnam.

Outdoor advertising (Out-of-home Advertising) is an “old” but not “out-of-date” media channel, and in Vietnam, outdoor advertising is still in a period of strong development, and a rising demand in Outdoor Advertising for brands.

OOH is not the most prominent media channel today, however, OOH always shows up a lot in our daily life, and holds an extremely important role in the businesses’ overall marketing campaign.

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A lively Outdoor advertising scenery at  Phu Dong intersection in Ho Chi Minh city

In recent years, there have been a lot of great media campaigns, and OOH has contributed a lot in these change. In Vietnam, if the name some brands that make OOH stand out, we can mention some familiar names like Coca-Cola, OMO, Milo, Red Bull. These brands have some extremely creative advertising campaigns, which makes so many people interested and praised them.

Outdoor Advertising is easy but difficult at the same time. It’s easy because an outdoor advertising campaign is always inseparable from an overall media marketing campaign. It’s not that hard when you just have to use the same posters and banners from other channels to advertise outdoors. However this is an unwise thought! As consumers are getting more and more busy day by day. Also, it would be more difficult for them to receive and feel impressed by advertising information in a day. So, how to make people feel impressed and remember the outdoor advertising messages in just some short fleeting seconds? At the same time, outdoor advertising also needs to be seen as an independent advertising channel, which has a specific design to suit the expressive environment as well as the way it is implemented. In order to do that, businesses have to know and understand more about outdoor advertising.

The book “Outdoor Advertising” is here to provide the most general and basic knowledge about OOH, which will certainly help marketers a lot during the process of planning and implementing outdoor advertising campaigns in a methodical and effective way. 

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Unique launches the first Outdoor Advertising book in Vietnam

Here is the content for a 5-chapter book:

Chapter I: Overview of Outdoor Advertising

Chapter II: The popular forms of Outdoor Advertising in Vietnam

Chapter III: Planning for a Outdoor Advertising campaign

Chapter IV: Criteria for measuring and evaluating Outdoor Advertising effectiveness

Chapter V: Stories about Outdoor Advertising career

A preview of the Outdoor Advertising book

The book was conducted by people that have more than ten years of working as an outdoor advertising professional, experiences in implementing each project including large and small ones. This includes both joy and sadness of this outdoor advertising business when readers will read, understand and appreciate more this outdoor advertising profession.

Ten-year experience and stories in implementing outdoor advertising were encapsulated and summarized in 200 pages of books. Hopefully, everyone will read, understand and appreciate this job more.

Along with the Out-of-Home course: Outdoor advertising on the online learning portal brandcamp.asia, it can be said that this is the first and only book and course in Vietnam until now that are exploited deeply into outdoor advertising channel. Hopefully this will be a useful guide for everyone who wants to learn and research more in outdoor advertising!

The “Outdoor advertising” book is selling at the price of VND 120,000 per book. All the money gained from the sale of the books will be donated to Thien Nhan Fund (surgery fund for recover genitalia children with physical disabilities in difficult circumstances).

All information about buying books and receiving books, please contact: Thanh Huyen (phone number: 0981 901 021, email: thunguyet@quangcaongoaitroi.com).

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