Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Back to the Origin”

On the evening of January 12nd 2020, at Star Galaxy, Unique Group held the Thanks Party New Year with the theme “Back to the Origin”. The presence of all Unique Group employees from the North, South and the loved ones in the family had brought a warm, intimate and extremely memorable evening.

As usual, when the old year began to pass, Unique all celebrate the coming of a new year by getting together again at the year-end party to look back on a past year with a lot of efforts, as well as sending lots of thank-yous, and sincere wish for being successful and lucky in the new year.

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Unique gathered in this joyful  Thanks Party 2019

Gratitude is one of the great causes of man. People have their origins just like trees with roots, like rivers with sources. We are what we are today thanks to the support of so many people around u, in our lives. In terms of daily life, we have our grandparents, parents, friends who always encourage and help us in our difficult times. In terms of jobs, we have leaders who always guide and direct us, we also have colleagues and partners who are always beside us in projects. Therefore, thankfulness is extremely important in each person’s life.

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Mr Pham Ngoc Linh – CEO of Unique Group was sharing his thoughts about the Thanks Party 2019

The year-end party 2019 marked the innovation of Unique when it no longer uses the name Year End Party, but instead it will be Thanks Party. Just like what it is called, Thanks Party will be for expressing gratitude and thanks to all members of Unique, to the loved ones and to partners who have dedicated support to Unique successful completion at our best. 

The theme “Back to the Origin” and the concept “Tet New Year” brought to Unique family a truly Thanks Party with thankfulness. In the warm atmosphere, everyone felt extremely comfortable, and close to each other. It was even more wonderful when many families had met more than once, shaking hands to celebrate together.

Let’s take a look at a year of Unique

Unique events of Unique in 2019:

– January:

Unique Company Outing “Conquering Yen Tu – Tam Sang Chi Ben”

On January 14, 2019, CS Nguyen Thu Hien welcomed the birth of two small angels.

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year of 2019, Luxury Roadshow “Vinmart – Push the New Year home” in 10 provinces of South and North

– February: Launch the movement “Morning exercise and” Reading books to each other “

– March:

Launched the Unique Share project and successfully organized the first one in April.

The outing trip “King Garden Resort – Let’s go together”

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Mr Thanh Tung summarizing the activities of Unique in 2019

– April: Launch of the first “Outdoor Advertising” course in Vietnam on BrandsVietnam – the leading portal in Marketing, Communications and Trademarks.

– May: Unique has the most expected trip of the year “Company Trip – Thriving aspiration” when Unique members enjoyed the 5-star experience at Vinpearl Ha Long

– June: All employees had the general health check.

– July: Unique awarded Thailand trip for outstanding personnel in the first and second quarter of 2019: Thu Trang and Nguyen Theu (Accounting department) and Xuan Dien (the Project & Investment Department)

In July, CS Dang Vu Nhu Quynh successfully completed the sales of the whole year 2019.

At the end of July, Tran Chan (Project & Investment Department) started a survey trip to 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam. The trip lasts through August, until September 2019 and ends.

– September:

Unique Family wished the Big boss Pham Ngoc Linh his birthday.

Unique awarded the Project & Investment Department a car

– October: Unique congratulates the Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

– November: Unique had the transformation of a new office with a more professional workspace

– December:

Establish Unique FC, and took place the first friendly football match with a cosmetic company called CVI to increase the spirit of physical training and sports.

Complete the first Outdoor Advertising book in Vietnam

Unique organized a bustling Christmas

And enjoy new year feast together.

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Mr. Pham Ngoc Linh was proud to share the first “Outdoor Advertising” book in Vietnam by Unique

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Outstanding faces of Unique Outdoor Advertising in 2019

In addition, there are 5 people were raised name with a prize to travel to Thailand and explore the land of the Golden Temple. There were 2 friends that had chances to explore the Great Wall, to explore colorful Shanghai, and bold cultural, traditional Hangzhou, Suzhou.

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Mr. Pham Ngoc Linh and Project & Investment Department

Representing the families who were presenting at the year-end party of Unique, Mr. Nghiem Danh Sang – father of Mr. Nghiem Anh Minh (Head of Project & Investment Department) gave his sincere words: “It’s really great to see my son working at Unique and growing more every day. And I believed that the parents be here tonight also share the same thoughts. Thank you, the Board of directors of Unique Company and especially to the director Pham Ngoc Linh very much. ”

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Mr Danh Sang shared his feelings about Unique

Lucky draw is also one of the most expected performances of Thanks Party 2019, 17 prizes with a total value of up to 20 million VND have made all the guests present in the hall extremely excited and looked forward to it.

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

The luckiest guests won the Consolation Prize

Thanks Party 2019, in addition to summarizing the activities in the past year of Unique, also set the goal of efforts and striving for 2020. Unique Leadership has shown a strong spirit to resolve to achieve all goals in the New Year.

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Unique leadership is committed to a stronger, more successful 2020

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Let’s raise toast to the development of Unique

Let’s see more of the beautiful images of the Unique Great Family!

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

The presence of families is a great honor for Unique Outdoor Advertising

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Good looking guys of Unique

Unique Thanks Party 2019: “Về Nguồn”

Of course, beautiful girls as well!

Let’s close 2019 together and head to a new and exciting 2020. 2020 will be the time for Unique to stay together and conquer all challenges to go further in the field of outdoor advertising in particular and the field of Marketing, Communications in general.

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